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2nd year Australian working holiday visa

Loved Australia so much on your first working holiday Visa and want to stay longer.....well get picking or harvesting and you can!!!

This is probably the easiest way to guarantee another year in the sunshine but requires a bit of work from your side. During your initial working holiday visa if you undertake 3 months specified work in a regional area and you are still under 31 then you may be eligible to apply for a 2nd year working holiday visa for another 12 months.

What is a regional area and specified work?

Typically you must work in a rural area, e.g. outside the main cities and undertake a job in one of the specified fields.

  • Plant or animal cultivation- either fruit picking, packing, harvest work or processing of primary animal products. The most popular option for this is fruit picking or harvest work as you will also get to see the real Australia and make some new friends along the way.
  • Fishing or pearling- not as popular a fruit picking but an option if fish are your passion. It must be a role directly relating to catching fish or collecting pearls
  • Tree farming and Felling –as it says either felling of trees or the looking after trees that are to felled
  • Mining – if you fancy going under ground and earning some good money then mining could be for you
  • Construction – not general construction but civil engineering, construction services or building construction.

By far the most popular is fruit picking and harvest work for travellers but for a full list of the industries check out the department of immigration. Regional areas are specified by immigration also and a full list can be viewed on their website

So what’s the go? 

Provided you have done 88 days work, either consecutively or over a period of time and have certified pay slips or completed the verification form then you should meet the requirements. Remember to keep your pay slips from your employers so that when it comes to applying you don’t have to chase them up. You can lodge your application online whilst either in Australia or overseas or use snail mail and send it in paper form.  If your unsure of what to do or your eligibility then we would suggest consulting a visa agent to handle your application.

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