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Bar Skills Courses 

Want to be the next Tom Cruise but don’t know your pots from your pints, your schooners from your midis and your Baileys from your Bundy?

Spending many hours drinking in bars is one thing but how would you go on the other side. Working behind the bar is a great way to work your way around Australia, meet loads of people and have a heap of fun.

Although they make it look easy pulling, the beers can appear a lot harder than it looks so to avoid serving up beer with a head like a Mr Whippy ice cream and to learn all the basics of the pro’s a bar skills course can be a great idea.

What is a Bar Skills Course?

A number of organizations offer bar skills courses, some onsite within working bars and others in mock bars at their training centers. In either case you will be rolling up your sleeves and pouring real drinks, pulling actual beers al in front of your fellow classmates.

The courses normally run for a half or a full day and take you through every step of working behind the bar. Courses vary slightly but most take you through set up of the bar for service, pouring of beers and spirits, glassware, basic cocktails, preparing mixed drinks, garnishes, opening wine and wine service and well as the not so fun stuff as how to use the glass washing machine. Basically everything you need to be able to walk behind the bar and start working straight away.

Do I still need my RSA or RCG certificates if I have done a Bar Skills Course

In order to work behind the bar in most states you will still need to have completed your RSA. The bar skills course does not exempt you from also having to complete your RSA course. You can complete the bar course without your RSA but you will not be allowed to work behind real bars until you have completed the RSA.

The same is true for RCG but many trainers offer combined courses and offer discounts if you complete multiple courses with them.

How much does it cost? 

Prices range depending on the training company and if you also complete other courses with them at the same time. Typically prices are around the $110- $125 mark for the bar course alone but many offer combined packages including your RSA and RGC for around $240.

What does the course allow me to do?

It is not compulsory to complete a bar skills course if you want to work in a bar but it does have many benefits

  1. Will give you the confidence, knowledge and skills to be able to walk behind a bar and start serving people.
  1. To sample lots of drinks that you make on the day.
  1. Meet other travelers and buddies.
  1. Can potentially give you a competitive edge over other applicants when applying for jobs as you can demonstrate you have achieved a good training standard

To summarise if you want to work your way around Australia behind the bar but lack the knowledge and experience, bar skills courses will give you the know how and confidence so you will soon be on your way to being Australia’s answer to Tom Cruise.

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