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Barista Training Course

Double shot skinny caramel flat white?............ Confused?...Then you should look at a Barista Training Course

If you think a cup of coffee is a teaspoon of instant granules with milk and a sugar think again! Australians are serious about their coffee and very particular about their beans and their taste.

Can you taste a burnt coffee, know what crema is, texture milk or make the top of the coffee into a heart shape?

Working in a café or coffee shop is one of the most popular casual jobs undertaken by backpackers but downunder the job involves some serious barista skills. The pay can be great and the tips a great bonus so its well worth learning the skills and investing a little money in a training course.

Barista ! Isn’t that someone in a court of law with a wig?

NO, and word of advice if you are writing your resume make sure you spell it correctly. That’s a Barrister!

A Barista is the person who makes the espresso based coffees by extraction from the beans using an espresso machine. You will probably have seen them clicking the “clicker” and attaching strange metal objects to large machines and then putting a cup underneath. It may look easy but knowing how to adjust the grind, froth the milk and make a range of differing coffees in a timely manner takes skill. There is a multitude to learn to ensure the coffees you make will be enjoyed and you can confidently work the machine when you get the job.

What is a Barista Training Course?

The Barista training course will take you through all aspects of using a commercial espresso machine to make coffee. Whether it be a cappuccino, a latte, flat white or an espresso itself they all start off life from an espresso shot.

Courses vary in actual content but as a general rule they will teach you everything you need to know in order to turn out great coffees every time, The courses are hands on and you will be making real coffee and cover areas including

  1. Selecting which beans and what grind to use to
  1. How to extract the coffee from the beans and use the espresso machine
  1. How to make the differing coffees, cappuccino, latte, flat white etc
  1. Texturing of the milk (frothing) to make killer cappuccinos
  1. Serving the coffee so that it looks like a piece of art too good to drink!
  1. Cleaning of the machine
  1. Plus lots more depending on the actual course you attend


How long is the course and how much does it cost?

Barista Courses do vary depending upon what is covered but a typical basic course that will get you up an running using the espresso machine typically last around 3-4 hours. Prices do also vary but around $110- 120 is normal.

If you want to learn more then many trainers offer coffee art courses where you will be shown more in depth milk texturing and how to make patterns on the top of the coffee. These courses tend to run to about 5-6 hours and average around $250

Where are they held?

Most major cities, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth offer training centres that offer Barista courses. Courses are often held many times a week.

Training is normally based in a classroom and obviously with an espresso machine so there will plenty of opportunity to put your theory into practice.

Why should I do the course?

Working in a café is a popular job for backpackers. By completing a course you will be gaining an extra skill that could ensure you land the job over others looking for work. Also it means that you are not just stuck clearing tables and could potentially receive a higher wage for your additional skills.  Many cafes looking for staff also specify that those with barista skills will be considered more favorably so making you more employable.

Plus you get to meet like minded people from the course and drink loads of coffee!

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