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Fancy going bush?

You have watched the movies "Crocodile Dundee and "Australia" and realised that there is much more to Australia than Sydney, Melbourne and the east coast. There are a multitude of jobs outside the big cities and many in the picture perfect locations we associate with Downunder. Maybe its time to go bush!!

Whether you are looking for farming jobs, harvest jobs or a few months fruit picking and with the added bonus of possibly extending your visa there has never been a better time to put on you Akubra and go bush.

When is the best time to go?

Australia is vast as consists of many climates. There are fruit picking and harvest jobs all year round and you can easily work you way around the country. If harvest jobs are not your thing them you can work in the country pubs or become a jackaroo on one of the many cattle stations or get other farming jobs. The possibilities are endless, ability to save excellent and experiences unforgettable. Take a look at the Harvest Calendar for more info 

What sort of work is there?

From mangos, bananas to grapes, cherries and avocados there is a multitude of work available. Farmers are crying out for workers in season and the work is as varied as the crops. If its in season you can pick it!

Sounds easy lets go?

Fruit picking, harvest jobs and farming jobs are not for the faint hearted. Many people have the idyllic idea of topping up the tan and an easy life. In reality jobs are often carried out in the sweltering heat, you are covered up to protect yourself from the sun and you get sore hands and muscles. On the plus side it is a great adventure, you often work within a team of people and the money can be great. Have a think about if it is for you before accepting a job and heading off. The first few days can be the hardest and until you get the hang of it and can seem an impossible task. With a bit of practice you will learn and start to enjoy the work. If you are worried about being in the sun and the physical demands of picking you can always opt to work in the packing sheds.

How much will I earn?

Difficult to say as the pay types vary. Some employers pay per basket picked / box filled etc others an hourly rate. Once you get the hang of it you can normally get more money working per unit (contract rates) rather than hourly. On an hourly rate the work is often more varied and you work as a team but on contract rates its every person for themselves. It really is a matter of choice. 

Can I really extend my working holiday visa if I work in a Regional area?

Yes, if you complete 3 months work within a regional area in Australia you may be eligible to apply for a second year holiday visa. The information changes so for the most up to date information see the Department of Immigration for more information. there are set requirements in order to apply and the work must take place in a regional area. A small price to pay for the ability to stay 12 months longer and see the real Australia!

Beware of the easy solution!

Ever heard the phase "No pain no gain?" In recent months there have been a number of scams where companies advertise that for a fee (normally around $400+) they will be able to provide the necessary documentation that you have completed 3 months work in a rural area so you can apply for a 2nd year visa. Sounds tempting but the Department of Immigration are aware of such scams and people who have done this have had their visas cancelled and deported. Do the work, enjoy yourself and do not risk it. By signing the visa forms you are legally stating that the information you provide is correct!

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