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White card / Green card Courses


White card training and green card training

Working in the construction industry is a great way to earn money. Maybe you are a skilled trades person or just looking for casual labouring work. Either way before setting foot on site you will need to ensure you are aware of the occupational health and safety requirements and complete a white card training course. A one day course also commonly known as your green card (green card training). Just to confuse you the card is now white but used to be green hence why it often referred to as both

What is a White Card  / Green card and do I need one?

The white card is a credit card sized ID that you receive once you have completed the workplace health and safety course (white card training). It is required in order to work on a building site in NSW, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria and shows that you have received the necessary training in safe work place practices. You will also need to have a white card if you wish to further study for an RTA blue card and work in traffic control.

When is a Green card a White card?

Confused? Well the card used to be green in colour and hence was referred to as a green card. It is now white but is still commonly known as the green card. Hence if you are asked for your green card or white card it is the same thing. 

How do I get a White card?

To obtain the card you will need to attend a one day occupational health and safety course (OH&S course) with an accredited trainer. The course involves lectures on site safety, how to keep the work environment safe and what to do in case you have an accident. The morning is normally spent studying with talks form your lecturer followed by a short assessment. Provided you have understood what you have been taught you should be able to pass with flying colours. The temporary certificate is issued at the end of the day and you receive the official plastic card in the post.

How much does it cost?

Fees vary but are normally around the $100 mark but you may be able to get a discount.

Do I really need one? Can I borrow my mates?

In order to work on site you will need to get your own and carry it with you at all times whilst on site. You can be asked to produce it at any time and most employers will require to se it before hand. Borrowing your mates may seem like a great idea but in reality sites can be dangerous places and you may be asked for further ID to show it is yours. The other thing is that should you have an accident on site and do not hold the card chances are you will not be covered for any insurances and may also endangering other people. Finally, If you are caught on site without one you can get some pretty hefty fines!

Anything Else?

Wearing steel cap boots is normally required on sites so best to get yourself a pair. You can pick them up pretty cheaply $50-$100 from K-mart or builders merchants. A lot of training centers also sell them at a reduced price if you train with them. If your skint and don't mind smelly feet you can also often get pre loved, one careful lady owner, 2nd hand ones from travellers notice boards! Just because your type of work might not mean you may drop something heavy on your tootsies there are plenty of things on sites that may. Better to come out 10 toes blazing if it does occur!!

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