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There are numerous jobs in Australia for travellers and backpackers. Australia is a vast country and the types of jobs varied. The main cities offer the standard office based temp work, hospitality work you would find in any major city but why not use your time in Australia to try a new job. After all you are here for an adventure so why not make your job part of that adventure

Unusual jobs in Australia include working as a jackaroo / jillaroo on an outback farm. Rolling your sleeves and getting out in the bush fruit picking, working in an outback country pub / hotel, Harvesting work. How about working on a tropical island in Queensland, working in a small outback zoo or even volunteering on a small holding and getting to know a family and their outback lifestyle? 

Whatever you preference the possibility for jobs is endless. We list 100s of jobs in Australia all suitable for backpackers and working holiday makers. So before jumping in and thinking you are going to work a bar job in Australia. Think again and outside the box. A job in Australia does not have to be one you have worked in before or even heard of before you arrived. 

If your struggling for ideas of what jobs are available then why not try a "Im feeling lucky" category for some unusual jobs. 

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What about the rest of the world?

For those of you for whom Australia is not your calling but are stuck for gap year ideas and information on other great gap year destinations then we recommend our buddies over at Gapwork the UK's best gap year jobs & volunteering site. They can fill you in on every gap year destination and give you the low down on what to do and where to go.

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