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What is Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) / RCG courses?

Like the Responsible Service of Alcohol there are rules in Australia to ensure that anyone working in an environment where there are gaming machines (pokies) are trained to ensure that customers gamble in a responsible manner. Many bar jobs will require you to have your RSA certificate as well as you RCG as where there is alcohol there are often pokies!

Do I need my RCG?

Most licensed venues will have pokies (gaming machines) and require you to have your RCG. There are venues that do not have them or where you can work behind the bar etc without your RCG but if you are going to be working with / in or around pokies then most employers will require it. Again this is personal choice if you wish to complete it but will ultimately make your more employable so a good idea to have it. 

How do I get my RCG?

Like you RSA this is normally a half day course. There are loads of RCG courses on offer from different providers. Most training centers offer a discount if you complete both your RSA and RCG at the same time and you can normally complete both in the same day

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