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Stop Go...Stop...Go...A human traffic light!!

A popular way to earn some dollars whilst travelling is to work as a traffic controller. No not the type you see in New York with the whistles but the people you see standing with the swivel sign with Stop on one side and Go on the other directing the traffic at road works. This type of work is particularly popular amongst female backpackers and workers as it does not involve heavy lifting, you get you work with lots of hunky work men and involves a lot of standing in the sunshine topping up the tan!. Another plus is that is well paid but on a more serious note is often in demand and a skilled role well worth considering.

Right I am in. What do I have to do to get work?

In order to work as a traffic controller in NSW you will need to hold a RTA Blue card and attend a traffic control course. This is a one day course where you learn the laws and all the basics of the job so you can work safely. You will have to attend the course and complete the assessment the same day. After that you will receive a RTA blue card through the post direct from the RTA (Road Traffic Authority) in a few weeks which is valid for a 3 year period. There are some pre requisites before you can attend the course. Firstly, you must already posses your Green card / White Card and also hold a full driving license. Your driving license can be an overseas one but must clearly show that you have been driving unsupervised for a minimum of 12 months. 

Where can I do the traffic control course and how much is it?

Traffic control courses are provided in most major cities and the one day class room based course should only set you back between $140-$170. Often also referred to as "traffic control course" or "Stop Go bat". Many trainers will often offer a discount if you book both your green card and RTA blue card course at the same time so make sure you ask them.

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