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Australia is a vast place and offers 100's of backpacker jobs. Backpacker jobs range across the board and dependant upon location. In the main cities backpacker jobs can be found in most industries from white collar professional to casual labouring. The main hubs are obviously Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane where during the peak summer months competition is high.

Many employers will happily employ backpackers but during peak season you may be best avoiding Sydney and Melbourne and heading into the outback for more opportunities. 

If you are looking for office based work then Sydney and Melbourne are good options. One thing to be aware of is that just because jobs are casual or short term contracts it does not mean that the employers will employ backpackers. There is a large difference between a "casual" job that may be ongoing, contract roles and backpacker jobs. Some employers are not keen on using backpackers so when applying for jobs try to find employers that advertise backpacker jobs specifically . This will save you time in the long run and not wasted email to unsuitable employers.

Jobs4travellers only list jobs by employers that will employ backpackers in order to save you time and effort when searching and allowing you to find work fast.

Backpacker jobs in Australia are endless but during the peak summer months they can be hard to find as competition is greatest. 

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