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Commonwealth Bank - Australia

Exclusive - Open your account through Jobs4travellers before you arrive in OZ and get the monthly account fee waived for 12 months.

Open your Commonwealth bank account before you land in Australia and get two free international money transfers and your tax file number set up. They have the largest network of branches and ATM (cash machines) in Australia. Best of all opening an account before you arrive in Oz is simple. All you need to do is complete your basic details and the Commonwealth bank will contact you to arrange your account in the next few days. Best of all your ATM cards will be ready for you to collect from your chosen Commonwealth branch when you arrive in Australia. There is no need to wait around for them and you can use your overseas address to get the account opened so no more worries about using hostel addresses and things going missing. Plus get you Tax file number sorted aswell.


In addition we will also arrange your tax file number the day you arrive and email your TFN once we receive it at our offices. Once your bank account is opened we will email you a form to complete and that is it. You are all sorted!.

The Commonwealth bank are the one of the big 4 banks and they have the largest network of cash machines and branches so you can always be certain that you can get hold of your cash whether you are in Woop Woop or Melbourne and avoid paying bank fees for using other bank ATMs. In addition you can also get money over the counter at any Australia post office so even more reason to be with them as you will never be stuck. With exceptional customer service, great accounts and easy access to your cash  and Australia's largest bank you know you are in safe hands.

So do not delay and get your account set up and tax file number so you can spend your first few days is Australia stress free enjoying yourself and not running around trying to sort out bank accounts and tax file numbers. If you land in and then decide it is not the account for you simply close the account. You are under no obligation.


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