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Want Free International Money Transfers ?

Sound too good to be true? Fed up of paying high fees to transfer your money overseas at poor exchange rates ?

OFX Foreign Exchange TransfersOFX Foreign Exchange TransfersOFX Foreign Exchange TransfersOFX Foreign Exchange Transfers

To get 2 free international money transfers with no hidden fees and great exchange rates CLICK HERE to register it only takes a few minutes!

We have teamed up with Tranzfers to offer you 2 FREE international money transfers to or from anywhere in the world. Best of all they offer great exchange rates and have no hidden fees, such as bank receiving fees, so you know that you are going to get a great deal and keep more of your hard earned pennies rather than see them vanish in fees.

Even if you are not ready to transfer at the moment register now to get 2 free no obligation transfers when ever you like.

Tranzfers have been around for years and they offer great exchange rates. They are part owned by Macquarie Bank (so you are in safe hands) but they understand that if you are backpacking around Oz and need to send or receive funds then it can be costly.

The solution - they offer a simple online process that is easy to arrange and also track your transfer. They offer clear transparent exchange rates, so you always know where you stand and best of all they are so confident you will love their service they offer you 2 FREE transfers.

High Roller? - If you need to transfer more than twice they have a single flat fee of $15 / £7 per transfer. Simply compare that to the big banks fees of around $30 and then a receiving fee to receive your money plus variable exchange rates!!

It take seconds to apply for your no obligation account and receive 2 free transfers and trust us you will be glad you did.

Why would I need to transfer money?
  • What happens if you run low on cash and manage to blag some from the folks back home ? Do you want to loose lots of it in transfer fees?
  • What you going to do when you have made your millions Downunder and need to get it home?
  • Got your tax return? transfer it back home for some beer money when you land in. What ever your situation Tranzfers will save you time and more importantly allow you to keep more of your hard earned cash !
  • Transfer your funds prior to travel to show immigration that you can support yourself
Its simple click here to apply today and receive 2 free no obligation transfers. Even if your not ready to transfer now simply register to recieve 2 free transfers to use when ever and wher ever you like
  •   Low fees and excellent foreign exchange rates
  •   Servicing the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Canada, Hong Kong, Europe(Euro & Polish Zloty), Sweden and the  USA.
  •   Secure online service
  •   More competitive than banks and other providers
  •   Choose the time of conversion yourself at the click of a button
  •   Licensed and regulated company

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