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Open an Australian Bank Account

Exclusive - Open your account through Jobs4travellers before you arrive in OZ and get the monthly account fee waived for 12 months!

Opening your Australian Commonwealth bank account is quick and easy and takes minutes. The main reason to open an Australian bank account before you land in is then you can use your home address to open the account and your ATM cards are ready and waiting for to pick up from a branch of your choice. That means no waiting around for them to arrive, no cards getting lost in the post and no need to have to give a hostel address to get them sent to. It is really is that simple. Simpy fill in your details by CLICKING HERE TO OPEN YOUR AUSTRALIAN BANK ACCOUNT and the Commonwealth bank will contact you and open your australian bank account. Plus if you want to you can transfer money into your account before you arrive. 

Plus we will also arrange your tax file number application and lodge it the day you arrive. Once we receive it at our office we simply email it to you so again there is no need to wait around for it to arrive. So open your Australian account now and arrive in Oz with two of your essentials sorted.

! or for more info clicking here

We recommend the Commonwealth bank account as they have the largest network bank branches in Australia and the most ATM (cash machines). As you have to pay in Oz to use other banks ATM machines it makes sense to go with the one with the most machines so that you can always find a branch. Plus, even in the smallest towns you can go into any Post office and get money over the counter. So whether you are travelling in big cities to the smallest of towns you will never be stuck for reddies

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